It was on a cold wintry day in December of 1996 that Scott Greer first stood on the land which would become Sheridan Vineyard. There was snow on the ground, covering the overgrown concord vines and apple trees that had been abandoned to nature on the 76 acres listed for sale. Despite the snow, he could see the potential of the land and instinctively knew that he wanted to own this property.

This moment was the culmination of events that had started earlier that year after Scott had completed the building of his dream home. In celebration, he purchased a bottle of 1994 Napa Cab to celebrate. It was a revelatory moment for him which would alter the course of his entire future.

Months later, after broadening his wine knowledge with frequent visits to Napa, spending time in its vineyards, and conversing with winemakers, he began to reflect on his experiences. He had no formal viticulture or winemaking education, but his determination and work ethic had previously proven capable of achieving success. He believed he could craft a wine that would display the high level of quality he had grown to love. Scott would finalize the purchase of the site and, within a few short months, would clear the land and plant the first vines.